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Glen Woody

When 55-year-old truck driver Glen Woody was running late, his co-worker became concerned. Glen was a proud and reliable truck driver, and it wasn’t like him to be behind schedule and fail to check in. Glen’s team sought to track him down, and when they did, they had him taken to the hospital. The team thought Glen was experiencing food poisoning, but Glen actually had suffered a severe stroke.

James Kirk

Known as “Jimbo” by the staff, James Kirk made terrific progress at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital as he recovered from a second stroke.

Andrew Robles

Andrew Robles graduated from Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital on December 14, 2020. Andrew was referred to Ballard from Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after having a heart valve replacement and a stroke.

Crystal Johnson

Crystal didn’t know she had hypertension during and after her pregnancy. With Sophia Joy only a week old, Crystal began feeling unwell. She experienced a headache, left-sided weakness, and slurred speech. She was diagnosed with a right hemorrhagic stroke due to postpartum acute preeclampsia. The stroke affected Crystal’s left side and her cognition and memory.

Jim Wall

In San Bernardino for business, Jim Wall began having chest pain on his left side. He described it as a sharp pain, radiating to his left upper arm. Jim also experienced dizziness and shortness of breath. But he didn’t go to the hospital right away.

Katherine Armenta

Kati Armenta is an important person to a lot of people, especially her three sons. As a 29-year-old single mom, a lot of people depend on Katie. She lives with her mother and her boys, one eight-year-old and twin four-year-olds. Every day, Katie went about her life, surrounded by those she loved most. Then, one fateful August evening, everything changed.

Bill Cummins

William “Bill” Cummins was a healthy, active 61-year-old before his stroke. Bill had just been to his physician’s office to get clearance for a kidney stone removal. He left the office with a clean bill of health. The life-changing health event around the corner would be completely unexpected.