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Janet Kirksey

Earlier this year, Janet Kirksey admitted to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital following surgery on her spinal cord. Janet had spent the previous 30+ years suffering from back pain and finally decided to have a laminectomy to address the issue. After the procedure, Janet experienced difficulty with lower body dressing and walking, leading her to Ballard for inpatient rehabilitation.

Tim Benjamin

Having a sore back was nothing new for Tim Benjamin, having worked many years in the construction industry. So doing some “usual” heavy lifting one day, Tim didn’t think anything of it. That was, until the next day when he experienced severe back pain.

Nelia Pontino

For over a year, Nelia Pontino dealt with numbness in her lower legs. Nelia’s symptoms progressed into paraparesis, requiring her to use a wheelchair. Confused at her condition, Nelia visited with her physician who concluded that she suffered from a herniated disc. This caused central canal stenosis and cord compression in her thoracic spine which required surgery.

Rufus Willis

Fifteen months ago, Rufus Willis tripped into a pothole, injuring his spine. The spinal cord injury left Rufus an incomplete quadriplegic. After his initial hospitalization, Rufus transferred to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital.

Denise McCree

Denise McCree was no stranger to back pain. Living with severe degenerative disc disease, Denise experienced back pain for many years.