Richard Garcia

Living independently is important to Richard Garcia. But generalized weakness left Richard unable to do so. Requiring the assistance of others to dress, stand, and ambulate, Richard came to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital to “get my life back.”

For Richard, that meant “to learn how to walk again. Basically, pick up and move and do things that I lost the ability to do.”

The intensive rehabilitation program at Ballard provided Richard with the resources he needed to regain his independence and complete his activities of daily living.

“I’m able to stand, walk. My goal was to be able to walk outta here on my own and live my life,” Richard said. “And here at Ballard, with the support, the staff, the equipment, and the experience that they have in working with people, they have made that happen.”

Richard did, indeed, walk out of Ballard’s front doors, ditching his walker along the way. Congratulations, Richard!