Rebecca Farmer

Rebecca Farmer is lucky to be alive.

On the way to pick up her daughter one day, another vehicle t-boned Rebecca’s. The accident left her with major injuries, including fractures of her left leg and pelvis, many lacerations, and bruising of her internal organs. Placed on life support at the hospital, Rebecca was fortunate to survive.

Before she could safely return home, Rebecca needed intensive orthopedic rehabilitation. She transferred to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital in San Bernardino to regain her function and independence. Rebecca arrived requiring maximum assistance for moving in bed and moderate assistance for sitting at the edge of her bed. She couldn’t bear any weight on her left leg, impacting her mobility.

Rebecca worked with her interdisciplinary care team–she was placed on the Purple Team–to develop a rehabilitation plan tailored to her unique needs and goals. Highly motivated to be as independent as possible, Rebecca got right to work. Soon after, progress followed.

Rebecca can now walk over 60 feet with a front-wheeled walker. “I have received great care,” she shared with a smile. “Wonderful nurses. Wonderful therapists.”

“Thanks to the help that I’ve had, I am healing so much better.”

Upon completing her inpatient rehab stay, Rebecca returned home to her family. She continues her rehabilitation at Ballard’s outpatient clinic in Apple Valley.