Paul Berger

Life after limb loss is an adjustment. Paul Berger is no exception to that statement. After undergoing a below-the-knee amputation on his right leg, Paul spent a week and a half in the hospital, followed by three weeks in a skilled nursing facility. He received limited rehabilitation at the skilled nursing facility then was sent home for two months.

Paul’s physician recommended acute inpatient rehabilitation to increase his independence and prepare him for a prosthesis. Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital worked closely with the VA to coordinate Paul’s admission. Immediately, Paul was impressed with what Ballard offered him.

“This place is nothing short of fantastic,” Paul said.

“Everybody I dealt with, from the nurses, the certified nursing assistants, the occupational therapists, the physical therapists…everybody was big on motivating and encouraging.”

Paul spent fourteen days at Ballard and made tremendous gains.

“On a daily basis, I could see improvement that I was making that I didn’t think was possible.”

Another thing that surprised Paul was how quickly he was ready for his prosthesis. Paul had zero expectations of getting his prosthesis before discharging home. But he made such significant progress during his stay, Paul’s expectations were exceeded.

“Lo and behold, I’m going home with a prosthesis today.”