Matt Ramson

As we all know, driving in southern California has its challenges. Motor vehicle accidents are certainly no exception. Matt Ramson knows this first hand.

After a devastating head-on collision, Matt is fortunate to be alive. The accident left Matt with multiple fractures in his legs and ribs, as well as a concussion. He was transported to the emergency room at Inland Valley Hospital in Murrieta. There, Matt underwent orthopedic surgery on both legs. External fixators were placed to keep the bones from moving as they healed.

Next, Matt transferred to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient rehab. Matt needed to work on his upper body strength before he could safely return home. He arrived able to sit up in bed and scoot to transfer to a wheelchair with some assistance. Matt also required total assistance to manage his lower body in order to get dressed.

“I’ve been here for three weeks,” Matt said as he prepared to discharge from Ballard. “It’s a great place for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and working with some great therapists.”

Matt’s hard work in therapy has resulted in significant improvement in his upper body strength. This has allowed him to be independent with wheelchair transfers and mobility. Surgery to remove the external fixators is planned for the week after his discharge.

“I can’t say enough about the kind of care and the therapy that I’ve received here,” Matt added. “It met and exceeded my expectations. There’s a lot of different equipment, different exercises that I’ve been able to work on. I’ve just been really happy with everything here and glad that I was able to end up here after my accident.”

Once Matt’s external fixators are removed, he’ll continue with outpatient therapy to complete his rehab journey. Though he has a long road ahead as he learns to walk again, we look forward to seeing Matt fully regain his independence!