Katie Armenta

Katherine (Katie) Armenta is an important person to a lot of people, especially her three sons. As a 29-year-old single mom, a lot of people depend on Katie. She lives with her mother and her boys, one eight-year-old and twin four-year-olds.

Every day, Katie went about her life, surrounded by those she loved most. Then, one fateful August evening, everything changed.

A toothache had been messing with Katie’s ability to sleep at night. Katie’s mother gave her some Aleve to help with the pain. When she soon became nauseous, Katie assumed it was because she took the medicine on an empty stomach. She ate some watermelon in an attempt to ease the nausea, but instantly threw up and fell to the floor.

Katie’s eight-year-old son found her and called out to his grandmother to call 911. Rushed to the hospital, it soon became evident this was more than a reaction to the medication. Katie suffered an intraparenchymal bleed with cerebral venous thrombosis – a type of stroke.

Surgeons performed a craniotomy, removing the flap on Katie’s skull. She transferred to a skilled nursing facility for recovery and some rehabilitation. Once she could tolerate three hours of therapy per day, Katie admitted to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital.

When Katie arrived at Ballard, she had to wear a helmet due to the craniotomy. The flap has since been replaced and Katie’s hair is growing back. Similarly, Katie’s progress with rehabilitation is helping her regain her old life.

Having completed her inpatient stay, Katie continues her therapy on an outpatient basis. She recently graduated from speech therapy. With the support of her father, Katie works hard at physical and occupational therapy. Katie recently informed Juliana, her physical therapist assistant, that she’s now able to ambulate in the house independently.