Janet Kirksey

Nothing says “success” more than when a patient comes back just to visit!

Earlier this year, Janet Kirksey admitted to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital following surgery on her spinal cord. Janet had spent the previous 30+ years suffering from back pain and finally decided to have a laminectomy to address the issue. After the procedure, Janet experienced difficulty with lower body dressing and walking, leading her to Ballard for inpatient rehabilitation.

When Janet stopped by to visit a few months later, the staff couldn’t believe how well she was doing. Janet was now walking independently without an assistive device and looked like a brand new person — her pain gone and mobility restored.

Janet specifically wanted to thank her nurse, Noemi, and therapists, Kenny and Kay Ann, for working with her to get to this level. Janet brought “thank you” gifts for the staff and was sure to get a picture with Noemi. Visits like these bring joy and warmth to us all!