Glen in the courtyard at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

Glen Woody

When 55-year-old truck driver Glen Woody was running late, his co-worker became concerned. Glen was a proud and reliable truck driver, and it wasn’t like him to be behind schedule and fail to check in. Glen’s team sought to track him down, and when they did, they had him taken to the hospital. The team thought Glen was experiencing food poisoning, but Glen actually had suffered a severe stroke.

To address the deficits Glen experienced as a result, he admitted to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive inpatient stroke rehab. When he arrived at Ballard, Glen faced numerous challenges, including limited mobility, dependence on others for daily activities, difficulty sitting up, and limited ambulation. His condition required a multifaceted approach to address both his physical impairments and his mental resilience.

Glen spent several weeks at Ballard and made remarkable progress. Key milestones included taking his first steps using a narrow-based quad cane, regaining the ability to dress himself, and managing to climb stairs unassisted. Each victory was a testament to his determination.

Upon completing his stay at Ballard, Glen discharged home with his loving daughter, Lauren, and has since returned to enjoying a significantly improved quality of life.

At Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their highest potential for recovery and independence. Glen’s story is an example of how, with the right team and resources, individuals can overcome challenges and continue living an independent and fulfilling life.