Denise McCree

Denise McCree was no stranger to back pain. Living with severe degenerative disc disease, Denise experienced back pain for many years. With back surgery planned, Denise received therapy from St. Mary’s Home Health in Apple Valley. Denise discussed her upcoming surgery with her therapist. The therapist recommended Ballard Rehabilitation hospital for post-surgery inpatient rehab. Denise contacted her insurance plan to begin the process of ensuring she’d go to Ballard after surgery.

With everything planned out, Denise went in for her procedure. But unexpected complications forced the surgeon to stop the surgery without fully completing the procedure.

When Denise arrive at Ballard, she began having second thoughts and wanted to go home. This mindset is understandable in patients who find themselves suddenly lacking independence. At first, Denise required maximum assistance just to sit up in bed. But she decided to make herself comfortable and work hard to take care of herself.

After ten days of putting in three hours of therapy per day, Denise discharged home. Independent again, Denise uses a front-wheeled walker for mobility. She looks forward to continuing outpatient therapy at Ballard’s clinic in Apple Valley.

“I loved the way all the staff treat the patients equally,” Denise said reflecting on her stay at Ballard. “The therapists work you hard, which is great because I always push myself.” Her praise extended to the whole staff, including the security guard, environmental services staff, and food service. “The food at Ballard is so good,” she added.

Now at home, Denise is doing well with her pain finally under control. She is using her treadmill and exercise bicycle to get stronger every day.