Darryl Wright

Darryl Wright is lucky to be alive. After a head-on motor vehicle collision, Darryl sustained minimal injuries, the most significant being a fractured hip. His injuries resulted in a stay at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient rehab.

“Initially, upon my arrival, I had an attitude of ‘I just want to get back home in a week and not stay in rehab,'” Darryl recalled. But seeing how intensive rehabilitation could help him, Darryl’s mindset quickly changed.

“After my therapy with Sean and the other team members, I realized what my deficits were, and I was able to change my perspective. So I decided I would stick around.”

It’s a decision with which Darryl is quite pleased.

“The therapy was extremely helpful,” Darryl refected. The physical therapists and occupational therapists worked with Darryl on different ways to keep himself safe while his broken hip healed.

“I appreciate them a great deal,” Darryl added. “The nursing staff was wonderful. Just beyond belief, the amount of communication and time dedicated to me. I appreciate all, from the nurses to the CNAs. Everyone was more than I expected. The food, despite it being hospital food, catered to my diet, and I enjoyed it.”

“I was pleased in every way.”

Darryl discharged from Ballard, having made significant improvements. “Ballard, on the whole, is benefiting the public, and I am happy and very pleased. I would recommend Ballard to everyone!”