Luis C.

On August 3, 2019, tragedy struck El Paso when a mass shooter opened fire at a Walmart. The shooting left 22 dead, including Jorge Calvillo Garcia. His 33-year-old son, Luis, was injured but survived.

Luis suffered gunshot wounds to his abdomen, back, and left thigh. Emergency personnel transported Luis to University Medical Center of El Paso. A long list of complications made Luis’s stay at UMC a challenging one for his doctors.

Those complications included:

  • Acute deep vein thrombosis of the right brachial vein
  • Right renal hematoma
  • Left femoral vein damage
  • Pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and respiratory failure
  • Pneumoperitoneum (abnormal presence of air in the abdomen)
  • Uncontrolled pain
  • Anemia due to blood loss

At UMC, Luis underwent multiple surgeries to his abdomen and left thigh. The injury to his thigh required a wound VAC. In addition, Luis received IV antibiotics. After several days at UMC, Luis transferred to Kindred Hospital El Paso for further care. There, Luis received another course of antibiotics and pain management.

Once Luis could transition safely, he transferred to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. Pain remained an issue for Luis, who described his left foot pain as a “10 out of 10.” At Highlands, his goal was to alleviate his pain so he could sleep well. His physician worked with Luis to develop an effective pain management plan.

“The staff was amazing,” Luis said of his experience at Highlands. “The doctor made arrangements to get me the medication I needed to control my pain.

Luis also had functional deficits to address. His mobility was impaired, and Luis couldn’t perform self-care activities on his own. Physical and occupational therapy helped Luis to regain his independence. “Melissa, my therapist, was amazing,” Luis noted. “All my therapists and nurses were amazing to me.”

Highlands was the last stop for Luis on his recovery.

“I am back home with family,” Luis declared proudly. “Thank you, Highlands!”