Gail O.

A substitute teacher at a local high school, Gail Omohundro stepped on a rock and rolled her ankle walking across campus one day. She fell and experienced an immediate onset of pain. The pain was accompanied by a popping sensation in her left hip. Immediately transported to the hospital, Gail was diagnosed with a left femoral shaft fracture.

To repair Gail’s broken hip, she underwent an intramedullary nailing procedure. The procedure, conducted by Dr. Nguyen, placed a rod in Gail’s bone to provide stability. After the surgery, Gail struggled with mobility and activities of daily living. In order to return home safely, inpatient rehabilitation was recommended.

Gail admitted to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital under the care of Dr. Wiggins and Dr. Patel. At Highlands, Gail received three hours of therapy each day. Thanks to her hard work in physical and occupational therapies, Gail has made great progress. “I am doing a lot better and able to walk,” Gail said.

Gail also had high praise for the staff at Highlands. “Everybody was helpful and had a great attitude,” she said, before specifically acknowledging her therapists. “Charlotte (physical therapy) and Priscilla (occupational therapy) helped me on my recovery immensely.”

With her independence restored, Gail discharged home with her family.