Delia Ro.

Delia Ronquillo, 89, has dealt with chronic pain for years. Yet, Delia recalls no trauma, accident, or injury that triggered the pain. When the pain became too much to bear, she sought relief from her physician. A spinal cord stimulator controlled the pain on a trial basis. This led Delia to undergo an elective thoracic spine laminectomy. As part of the procedure, a stimulator would be implanted permanently.

After the surgery, Delia’s leg pain improved significantly. However, Delia would require acute rehabilitation as a part of her recovery. Delia chose Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital to help her regain her independence. At Highlands, Delia would undergo three hours of therapy each day. The goal was to improve Delia’s mobility and independence with activities of daily living. This would be necessary for Delia to safely return home.

Delia couldn’t be happier with her decision.

“Highlands stole my heart!” Delia stated. “Steve [Alwine, CEO] would visit me at bedside and made me feel like family. I am very happy and pleased with everyone, especially the cook. I loved Jorge’s cooking!”

The positive atmosphere paired with Delia’s hard work resulted in great progress. Delia discharged home with her family and the support of home health.

“She didn’t want to leave,” Delia’s daughter, Alma, stated. “She loved Dr. Shahabi-Azad. Everyone was amazing there. You mention Highlands and her face lights up!”