Delia R.

“October 20th, 2019 is a day I will never forget!” That was the day Delia Rosales almost died.

“As I was driving home from work, waiting at a stoplight, I got rear-ended by another vehicle,” Delia recalled. “I walked out of my vehicle and noticed the other car was totaled. But we walked away.”

Delia returned home, thankful she escaped serious harm.

But as the night went on, Delia didn’t feel right. “Later that night, I felt pain and headed to the ER,” Delia noted. “They took x-rays and scans and noticed that something wasn’t right. So I got rushed to one of the two trauma centers in El Paso.”

Delia underwent surgery on her neck at the trauma center. Complications arose and an emergency tracheostomy was performed.

“I was at the point of dying.”

“I was supposed to be in the hospital four days, and here I am, three months later,” Delia reflected. “However, I told myself, ‘I’m going to go back to being me, Delia!'”

That led Delia to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital in El Paso. She arrived at Highlands with impaired mobility and an inability to complete self-care activities. Delia worked hard on her recovery, completing three hours of therapy per day.

“With the help of Highlands, I am on that road [back to being me],” Delia stated. “They are God-sent angels.”

“Dr. Shahabi, Dr. Rao, Erik, Petra, Sylvia, and Arlene especially have treated me like family. I am a living miracle thanks to them, my family, and friends!”

Delia’s hard work paid off. After 17 days at Highlands, she discharged home with her family and the support of home health.