Dejah H.

Dejah Hernandez’s car accident was bad. The vehicle she was traveling in slammed into a concrete barrier at 60mph. It took emergency personnel an hour to extract Dejah from the vehicle. Fortunately, Dejah was wearing her seat belt and the airbags deployed. But the 18-year-old faced a significant recovery.

Transported to University Medical Center in El Paso, Dejah was intubated in the ER.

The list of injuries Dejah suffered was extensive:

  • Left hip dislocation with posterior wall fracture
  • Left tibial open fracture
  • Left first digit open fracture-dislocation
  • Right femur fracture
  • Right tibial plateau fracture
  • Right forefoot fracture-dislocation

With so many injuries, Dejah required inpatient rehabilitation to regain her independence and function. She chose Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital for this stage of her recovery. Under the care of Dr. Shahabi-Azad and Dr. Patel, Dejah made great progress at Highlands. Working with her therapists, Dejah regained function and freedom.

“The therapists were all amazing in my recovery,” Dejah expressed. “Nancy, Petra, Beatriz, and Oscar are great and pushed me every day on my recovery.”

Upon completion of her inpatient stay, Dejah discharged home with home health to continue her rehabilitation.